About Hot Power Washers

In 2017, AmeriRent Equipment was founded by Ben Hanson in Marion, Indiana. Ben sought to be a part of the ever-expanding rental/sales market of general, industrial, and heavy machinery after struggling with a lack of availability of quality products and services in the area.

In 2018, AmeriRent Equipment founded and started selling Hot Pressure Washers.  From carrying products in our only storefront and warehouse location to opening our own store online at www.hotpowerwashers.com. We are incredibly proud to work alongside well-known and established manufacturers such as Easy-Kleen, Hydrotek, Nilfisk, and Pressure Pro. We supply homeowners, farmers, small businesses, and corporations with products such as hot/cold power washers, surface cleaners, guns, wands, nozzles, hoses, and their varying parts/accessories. We proudly deliver, not only locally in Marion, Indiana, but throughout the entire state of Indiana and across the United States.

HotPowerWashers.com by AE offers customers a diversified line of high-pressure cleaning systems while providing customers with a simple, friendly, and knowledgeable sales experience. Associates are always patiently waiting with timely and thoughtful responses and are committed to assisting customers find the power washer(s) to suit their individual needs. HotPowerWashers.com by AE, maintains a small business feel online and over the phone to permeate simplicity and ease for customers.

It is our #1 goal to supply customers with convenient, good-quality products but most importantly; provide them with a unique, comfortable, friendly, and well-informed sales experience. Customers can expect no hidden fees, effective communication, on-time delivery, and excellent service from our team. HotPowerWashers.com by AE is the dealer you can trust with your power washer needs.

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