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Here at Hot Power Washers, founded by AmeriRent Equipment, we have the best selection of hot power and pressure washers from the best brands so you can quickly and efficiently clean large surface areas.

These hot power and pressure washers are convenient tools to have at your disposal for more than just removing dirt and grime because their highly pressurized streams of water will clean up a variety of staining and messes from paint, mold, oil, and any kind of filth. While they’re typically used for cleaning off a building’s exterior, driveways, and large vehicles, hot power and pressure washers are also great for cleaning outdoor furniture, bikes, garbage cans, fencing, locker rooms, windows, and more. We also carry a wide variety of power washer accessories like guns, nozzles, hoses, and more to meet the demands of every project. Don’t waste valuable time and effort in the cleanup process – these machines can help you turn a time-consuming, labor-intensive task into one that’s easy and fun, saving you time, money, and resources!

At Hot Power Washers we’re not just proud to provide a wide selection of the industry’s best brands like Honda, Pressure Pro, Nilfisk, and Easy Kleen and the popular Magnum 4000 to homeowners, farmers, small businesses, and corporations. We’re also proud of our friendly customer service and knowledgeable sales experience that’ll make getting the right power washers and accessories for your needs easy. Our associates strive to help you, understand your unique needs, and point you in the right direction so you can get things done right the first time.

While we serve the entirety of the United States, we work hard to maintain the feel of a small business online and over the phone so you’re not just getting the right product(s) but are treated right in the process. Give us a call today at 765-203-2434 and let us show you how committed we are to your satisfaction!

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Which Power Washer is Best for Me?

Which Power Washer is Best for Me

…kind of Power Washer do you need?

What type of work are you planning on using your pressure washer for: buildings, equipment, homes/driveways, etc?

Hot or Cold Requirements?

Cold temp. power washers are ideal for removing dirt. Surfaces covered in oil or grease may be best cleaned with a Hot temp. power washer. Our Hot Power Washers break through the layers of oil and grease in no time.


Do you need a power washer that is easy to maneuver or transport? Many of our units come with pneumatic wheels perfect for transporting from job to job!

Power Source Availability

Does your job site have access to electricity? With your power source options in mind, you can confidently select a power washer that fits your needs whether it be propane, gas, electric, or diesel.


If you’re a serious pressure washer user, operating a business and cleaning more than 20 hours per week will require you to have top quality commercial or industrial grade equipment.

Indoor or Outdoor Use?

If you’re cleaning indoors, you’re limited to using an electric or propane to drive the high-pressure pump on your cleaning machine. Outdoor cleaning allows you to operate electric, propane, gas, or diesel pressure washers which provides you with many possible solutions.

What ?
Hot or Cold ?
Mobility ?
Power Source ?
Usability ?
Cleaning Location ?


Very Happy Customer

Very happy with the unit  – plenty of power and the heater keeps up during extended use.


Delivered on-time. Very good power washer! Would recommend.

Great Product

Pressure washer was delivered when was promised. Great pressure washer!